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Illustration / image options

The Puzzle Postcards are usually produced in 10 x 15cm size with 15 puzzle pieces. According to customer's request we can also produce different sizes and shapes. Regular geometric shapes and also irregular shapes are not a problem for us, for example: cloverleaf, mobile phone, hamburger, UK map, etc. Other attractive variations are: one puzzle piece left out of the picture, prints on the back side of the pieces and personalized Puzzle Postcards for direct mail.

There are many ideas what to do with Puzzle Postcards. They are used as advertising, touristic and/or seasons greetings postcards.

Advertising - advertising agencies, banks, political parties, telephone operators, car producers, airlines, railways, pharmaceutical companies, hotels and restaurants, invitations for congresses, seminars and trade fairs, TV and radio stations, direct mail including personalization.

Touristic - castles and chateaus, cities and towns, heraldic, museums, ZOO's, botanical gardens, spas and aquaparks, touristic resorts and attractions, Adriatic Meditearean, US National Parks and Monuments, world's city metropoles, Israeli motifs.

Seasons greetings - congratulation and greeting cards, Christmas and Easter collections, church motifs, PFs, children motifs, baby birth cards, wedding cards, folklore motifs.

Motifs can be photographed or illustrated, full-area or composed.