Tisk ze stránek firmy Puzzele PostCards

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How does it work?

The Puzzle Postcard is a clever combination of postcard, information leaflet and puzzle jigsaw. The composition and production process of Puzzle Postcards are patented. Puzzle PostCards Publishing is the only producer worldwide.

Enlarge and show all pages Puzzle Postcards can be sent as common postcards with a written address, common postage stamp and some text written on the back side. It is not necessary to put Puzzle Postcards in an envelope.
Enlarge and show all pages According to European post tariffs, the post stamp for the Puzzle Postcards is identical with a stamp for common postcards.
Enlarge and show all pages What has the postman delivered to us? When the foil of the Puzzle Postcard is peeled off, the picture can be taken apart and put together as often as you want.
Enlarge and show all pages What is under the puzzle pieces? If the puzzle pieces are taken out of the frame, there is place, for further advertisement or any other text.
Enlarge and show all pages Surprise! What about putting the pieces together again? This time puzzle inside out! Well, Puzzle Postcards have got four sides. So let's use them all.